Throughout 2012 and 2013, Sean Alexander AKA “The Confusionist” entertained guests with an impressive array of illusions and tricks. Shows were presented at various times throughout the day inside the Castle Theatre.

Unofficial Pleasurewood caught up with Sean back in 2012 and asked him a few questions about his career, appearance on Britain’s Got Talent and the Pleasurewood Hills show:

What can we expect from your new show at Pleasurewood Hills?
"It will be a high impact, fast moving grand illusion show that has never been seen in the region before. Featuring stunning illusions that will hopefully leave everyone amazed. We are all very excited about the project and hope that our guests will be too!"

How did you originally get into the world of magic?
"I first got bitten by the magic bug at the age of 8 when I received my first magic set for Christmas. I went through my childhood and teenage years playing around with magic as a hobby, however it wasn't until I left college after doing Business & Finance that I got my first taste of showbiz. This was in the form of a "Coat" entertainer on the South Coast and here I met my mentor who was my entertainment manager who happened to be a retired illusionist & magician! He rekindled my childhood love of magic and put me on the road to becoming a professional magician & illusionist. The rest as they say is history!"

Can you tell us about your appearance on Britain's Got Talent?
"I appeared with my wife in 2008 and Piers Morgan said he thought we were one of the best magic acts he had seen. We got to meet some wonderful people, including of course Ant and Dec and Mr Magic himself Stephen Mulhern who became a friend."

What effect did your appearance have on your career?
"It has served well and of course is a good selling point, especially with a quote like that from Piers."

Has your magic taken you around the world?

"Yes! I have been very fortunate to have travelled the globe with my magic and have visited some wonderful places. Actually, I am currently in Brazil having flown into Rio De Janeiro, spending my first night at a hotel on Copacabana Beach. I have travelled to all sorts of places both on land and on luxury cruise ships. Dubai would probably be my favourite place. I have performed there 3 times now and it is an amazing place. Some of the locals believe that the magic is something supernatural or to do with witchcraft which always makes me smile! Other places include, Asia, South America, Lapland, most of Europe to name but a few."

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