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The Chairlift, or Alpine Chairlift as it was previously known, may not the fastest way to get around the park, but it definitely offers the best view. The attraction transports visitors 450 metres across the park and has a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. A maximum of 2 guests can ride in each car with seatbelts available for smaller children.

The Chairlift gives you the chance to relax for a few moments and take in the sights and glide peacefully over the lake. The ride was designed for Pleasurewood Hills by a German company of ride engineers. The complete attraction was delivered to the park in 1987 from Holland with the exception of the cable, which came from Germany. The cable is driven by a 1 horsepower motor, geared down to drive a wheel 12 feet in diameter. The equipment allows the cable to be driven at variable speeds to suit weather conditions and volume of people. It can also be reversed.

In October of 1981, miniature railway enthusiasts Robert Hudson and John Edwards set to work building the Pleasurewood Hills Railway. Construction continued through the winter and by April 1982, the attraction was ready to receive paying guests.

May 22nd 1982 saw an official opening ceremony for the attraction. BBC Television’s John Mountford was on hand to cut the ribbon along with site owner Joe Larter. At the time of opening, the attraction stood alone as a pay-per-ride attraction. It wasn’t until the following year, 1983, that further attractions were built around the railway to create Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park.

Click here to see an official brochure for the Pleasurewood Hills Railway.

The Big Train first arrived at Pleasurewood Hills in 1984. Originally known as the Western Transportation train, the attraction is designed to pick up and drop off guests at various different stops around the park. In contrast, the Miniature Railway provides a round trip through the woods and around the back of the park.

Guests making their way around the park will notice a number of crossing points which are fitted with barriers and alarms. When the barriers are lowered, be sure to give the passengers a wave as the go by. The Big Train was temporarily out of action at the start of the 2013 season while the park sourced and installed a new engine.

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