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The Lighthouse arrived at Pleasurewood Hills in 2012 and could be described as the younger sibling of the Jolly Roger Drop tower which arrived in the same year. The ride is sited within the Kiddies Zone of the park, an area aimed squarely at younger guests and their families.

The Lighthouse tower measures 10 metres tall. Children will love being hoisted to the top before bouncing up and down! They will also get a great view of the rest of the Kiddies Zone.

Moby Dick was another new addition to Pleasurewood Hills in 2013. The ride was previously located at Avonturenpark Hellendoorn in the Netherlands before being dismantled and transported to the UK in early 2013. The ride was rebuilt in house and is located on a plot of land opposite the similarly maritime-themed attraction, Tales of the Coast.

This family-friendly attraction has a minimum height restriction of 0.90m. However, guests under 1.30m tall must be accompanied by an adult. Once seated inside your chosen whale-shaped car, the ride spins around a track with a few small hills to add a bit of extra excitement.

New in 2012, the Pleasurewood Ponies are another feature of the Kiddies Zone at Pleasurewood Hills. Riders climb onto their individual horse and gallop around the track.

Hold on tight as your horse makes its way around the course rocking back and forth as it goes before taking your safely back to the stables where you can dismount.

The Tea Cups, or Woody’s Tea Party as they are also known, arrived at Pleasurewood Hills at the start of the 2013 season. The attraction is sited close to the Kiddies Zone at the park and is covered by a purpose built roof (worth remembering on a rainy day!).

Guests climb into their individual tea-cup shaped car and prepare to spin. To add a bit of extra excitement, riders can control the speed of the spin by grabbing on to the wheel in the middle.

The Veteran Cars were a new addition to Pleasurewood Hills in 1984. Each car has space for up to four passengers. Children love to take the driving seat and “steer” their car around the track.

This attraction is perfect for families with younger children, offering laid back fun rather than all-out thrills. The only limitation is that children under 1.25m must be joined in the car by an adult. Once guests are seated, the cars weave their way around the track and pass through well kept gardens.

The Lighthouse Moby Dick Pleasurewood Ponies Woody’s Tea Party Veteran Car Safari
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