Pleasurewood Hills is now open for the 2017 season! If you’re planning a visit to the park soon, look out for a number of new additions and changes; The Cannonball Express is back, complete with music and new signage after over 10 years of being known as Enigma. Also, "Pirate Radio" park entertainers will be popping up around the park. Plus, there are some shiny-new pedalos on the lake and there’s now a range of newly refurbished catering facilities to try.  

The park have also recently announced their plans to install a new all-year-round indoor play area at the park, which will take over the former “Merry Mariner” restaurant building. Check back soon for further details.

Indoor play area coming soon A NEW ride for 2017!

Pleasurewood Hills recently posted a photo on Facebook to promote their new Woody Bear branded car. The vehicle was emblazoned with the following message; “New ride for 2017”. Speculation is now rife on the Message Board as to what the new ride might be. The latest rumour is that the new ride will be “created” from an existing one.

Pleasurewood Hills scare ride, Hobs Pit, has now closed to the public. The unique attraction opened back in 2013 and even received a 12a rating by the BBFC, to reflect the scary content.

The attraction is expected to reopen in the near future under a new guise. Check out the message board for rumours and info!

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